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More carbon, maximum benefits.

Ground-breaking microbial technology for premium carbon returns.

Stay in control of your carbon asset while using simple technology to increase your soil health. No new equipment, no major investments. carbon project options, and expertise to ensure you have the options.

Loam partners with farmers to provide breakthrough technology to build stable soil carbon in crops along with the highest quality soil carbon project options.

Improve your soil health and productivity, while being paid the highest premiums for your carbon.

Diversify your income

Field of corn

Add more value per acre

Harvesting corn at sunset

A low maintenance, low management asset

low maintenance

Increase enterprise resilience

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Revolutionising on-farm income streams, your way.

Your Premium Carbon Offering

Farming isn’t just a profession; it’s a way of life. We’re here to introduce you to a revolutionary approach that will not only enhance your farming operations but unlock a new revenue stream.

Our unique offering is tailored specifically for American farmers.

  • Improve Soil Health: The CarbonBuilder Technology enables you to build more, higher-quality carbon in your soil. This means improved soil health and increased productivity without the need for significant changes in your current farming methods.
  • Seamless Integration: We respect the importance of your time and resources. SecondCrop seamlessly integrates with your existing farming practices and business meaning minimal extra time commitment – just enhanced results.
  • Build Your Own Asset: With Loam Bio, you’re not just farming; you’re building your own carbon asset. Under SecondCrop you gain control over your new revenue stream – your carbon asset, your carbon stock, and how you build carbon on your land.
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Loam Bio's Offering

CarbonBuilder, Breaking New Ground

Loam Bio’s CarbonBuilder enables carbon sequestration in our cropping soils while offering direct agronomic benefits.

CarbonBuilder increases farm productivity and unlocks the potential of soil. CarbonBuilder does this using natural microbial mechanisms of carbon transfer from plant sources into stable carbon sinks.

Through intensive testing across laboratory, greenhouse and field trials, we have demonstrated the ability of CarbonBuilder to enhance the natural carbon stabilisation process.

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Be first to gain the carbon premium

Embrace innovation, embrace profitability

Improve your soil health, unlock a new revenue stream

Combining an easy to integrate and cost effective carbon building seed treatment with soil carbon project options with transparent costs finally provides farmers with a pathway that makes sense for your farm business, and decreases your market risk

US Farmer in a field of corn at sunset.