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What is microbial carbon capture technology?

Loam uses microbes to capture carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the soil.

Our technology harnesses the power of endophytic fungi to significantly increase the volume and stability of soil carbon built in cropping systems.

Close up image taken of small green shoots

What are the benefits?

Microbial carbon capture technology addresses climate change and creates value for farmers.

Support crop growth,
yield, and resilience

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revenue streams

A person's hand is pictured gently holding a leaf of a developing plant growing in a pot in the Loam Bio greenhouse

environmental impacts

Loam Bio filtration

Add more value
per hectare

Taken high above the crop, this aerial shot shows a vast corn field that is dark green in colour

Who is Loam?

We put agriculture at the forefront of addressing climate change.

Loam is using the world’s smallest organisms to tackle the world’s biggest problems. We are delivering tools for growers to participate in global markets while delivering meaningful climate action.

Standing in a field of bright yellow canola are three men chatting.

How we can help

Harnessing the power of microbes into sustainable solutions.

Future-proof your agricultural assets above and below ground with a SecondCrop carbon project.
Aerial photograph taken over a field of crop with a dark green colour growing in even straight rows.
CarbonBuilder microbial seed treatment for broadacre crops designed to improve soil health, increase stable soil carbon whilst also improving plant yields.
Drone shot taken high over a beautiful yellow canola field that spans as far as the eye can see - almost to the horizon

Backed by science

We’re at the centre of cutting-edge research and development from the lab, to the greenhouse, to the farm.

Reports + case studies

Includes data collected across hundreds of acres, spread across soil types, conducted on commercial farms, and leveraging laboratory outcomes.


Resources for dirt nerds

Learn and discover the latest articles, publications, and resources for innovators, researchers, and dirt nerds.

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Resources for growers

Discover the latest news and innovations from our hub of articles, tools, podcasts, videos and more for growers.

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