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Loam’s CarbonBuilder breaks new ground

Loam’s biologicals team have been collaborating with many research bodies to provide a better understanding of the role of fungi in building stable soil carbon.

Alongside Western Sydney Uni, The University of Queensland, The University of Newcastle and others – The Pure Grain Network is one of those research partners.

Pure Grain conducts commercial-scale in-house trials to evaluate new products and/or methods that align with their long-term objectives. They do so to improve productivity and profitability for farmers in their network while transitioning to a sustainable, carbon-neutral farming system.

In a recent strip trial CarbonBuilder Barley, developed by Loam Bio, was tested against an untreated control. The trial included 10 strips (5 treated & 5 untreated), measuring the barley yield and the change in soil organic carbon (SOC).

Each strip had soil core samples measured (10 per strip) before and after harvest to determine the build in soil carbon over the growing season.

Results showed that CarbonBuilder Barley not only increased barley yields by 9.1% but also added an additional 5.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) per hectare, enhancing carbon sequestration and thus supporting Pure Grain’s long-term objectives.

Overall, CarbonBuilder increased gross margins by $101/ha. Click on the attachment to learn more.

Pure Grain Network

Pure Grain Network

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Posted on 24 May 2024

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