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New tech for a new climate.

Our numbers at a glance.

$75 million AUD spent on Research & Development

And counting..
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29 PhD researchers in-house

And counting..

2,043 fungal isolates screened

And counting..
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195 small plot trials

10,811 plots and counting...
Green fields

Our science

Ground-breaking microbial development platform

At Loam, we are working with the world’s smallest organisms to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

Our global innovation team consists of microbiologists, soil scientists, formulation experts, agronomists, and engineers to carry out our microbial product development platform that spans from in-silico selection to landscape-scale testing.

Our rigorous approach to development means that we are delivering robust practical products that farmers can use to increase carbon sequestration and reduce on-farm greenhouse gas emissions.


A global innovation team

From idea to impact

Working at the cutting-edge of science to enable large-climate action. Our team delivers end-to-end innovation, from discovery to deployment, leaving no solution in the lab.


This is Loam Bio

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Mobilising the power of microbes

Developing the tools to take large-scale climate action

Loam Bio’s global innovation team consists of industry leaders that are delivering new technologies and applications to support farmers to build soil carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Through our rigorous product development program, Loam Bio is mobilising the power of microbes to provide agriculture the reliable technology they need to deliver sustainable supply-chains. Each year, Loam Bio delivers hundreds of replicated trials and analyses thousands of soil samples to ensure farmers have tools they can rely on to deliver large-scale climate action.

Leaders in microbial technology

Our scientists are scaling a global discovery program to identify new tech for climate action

For farmers, backed by science

A rigorous science program delivering new technologies and pathways toward net-zero for agriculture

Real world testing at-scale

Each year our team delivers hundreds of replicated trials in real fields under standard industry practice, ensuring products that deliver consistent and measurable results for farmers
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Delivering practical solutions

Loam works closely with farmers and agronomists to provide scalable solutions to integrate into existing farming systems
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Innovating for impact

Where relentless innovation meets large-scale climate action.

At Loam, each day brings the opportunity to innovate towards large-scale climate action. In the lab or in the field, our team are delivering solutions to achieve atmospheric carbon removal at a gigatonne scale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What else would you like to know?

Loam has over 70 team members across our 3 R&D hubs that are focused on our foundational R&D, microbial library collection, organism screening, product development, soil sciences, field trialing and data management systems.

Our scientific leadership has been trained at leading academic institutions and have led teams in some of the largest agricultural product development companies in the world. For individual profiles please see our people page.

The product development behind CarbonBuilder has been a comprehensive and systematic process that encompasses cutting-edge scientific methods and rigorous field testing.

We used stage gates to progress potential fungal strains and formulations from prototype through to product launch. The stage gates begin at microbial isolation and genetic selection, and end with large-scale on-farm demonstration sites. 

Loam’s microbial library contains over 2000 unique fungal and bacterial isolates from across the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. These organisms are sourced from a wide range of both natural and managed landscapes, and span extremely harsh environments to high rainfall zones.

We carry out R&D into the novel groups within our library to deliver new mechanisms and products from our library while adhering to the Convention on Biological Diversity (1993).


While Loam uses cutting edge sequencing technology and genetic manipulation techniques for research purposes, none of the organisms in our product are genetically modified.

We choose to leverage the natural capabilities of the microbial world.

Loam’s mantra is ‘do no harm’ when it comes to our R&D and product delivery.

We work with beneficial organisms that deliver positive impacts on soils and farming systems.

We carry out 4 tiers of screening; genetic, laboratory, controlled environment and field, to ensure that our products have no negative impacts, and preferentially select for additional beneficial outcomes.