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Loam Life

Every day at Loam is different

Participate in cutting edge R&D team

You’ll be at the centre of cutting-edge science at Loam, and have the ability to see your research having impact in real-time
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Deliver new technology to farmers

Usher new technologies from the laboratory out to the field, while developing new ways of working on-farm.
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Have landscape-scale impact

We’re a tight-knit, down to earth team, who thrive in a fast-paced and flexible environment, and support one another to achieve meaningful impact.

Lead a new climate era

You'll use your analytical and creative thinking to design new ways of integrating climate action and landscape impact.
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Find purpose every day

Align on the values important to you

Our values are where we begin. They are a true representation of the way we work. They were laid out by the Loam team and capture the way we operate.

Grow like Fungi

We do like fungi do - we grow with minimum resources for maximum impact. We strive for the most efficient path
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Critique it like an academic, fix it like a farmer

We interrogate, we deeply understand, then we deliver the simple, elegant solutions

Doin' it for the kids

We work to make things better for future generations
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Roll up your sleeves and get on with saving the world

We do what needs to be done and we know that every action we take will have impact on the trajectory for our climate
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Open roles

Grow with us

Loam is a growing start-up, with four labs in Australia and North America, field sites right across key global cropping areas, and hubs for climate strategy. Working at Loam, you’ll be at the centre of cutting-edge R&D and market development, from the lab, to our greenhouses, out on the farm and to the marketplace.