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A complete carbon solution

Loam has developed the world’s first microbial technologies to produce reliable and statistically significant increases in stable soil carbon for agricultural cropping systems. Using CarbonBuilder, farmers can see significant increases in organic soil carbon starting in year one, boost crop resiliency and soil health – all without having to introduce new practices.

Through SecondCrop, farmers can unlock the profit potential of and revenue from carbon credits that are more stable and permanent. Farmers own and control their carbon asset.

By pairing CarbonBuilder with SecondCrop, Loam offers a comprehensive solution to help farmers capture the economic and agronomic benefits of building soil carbon.

Build carbon at scale

With CarbonBuilder, you can store 1-2.5 tonnes CO₂e acre/year
loam bio soybean harvest

Access more revenue

Own and control your credits and access premium pricing

Maintain your practices

Simply apply Loam's CarbonBuilder microbial technology at planting, while maintaining your current practices.

Improve productivity

Build soil carbon, improve soil structure, nutrient and water cycling and retention – for greater in-season plant and soil productivity

The Case for Better Carbon

Carbon is essential to life, enabling biological systems to function. Carbon is a key component of organic matter, facilitating soil’s ability to store water, cycle nutrients and influence crop productivity.

With Loam, you can capture more stable carbon and benefit from improved soil health. You can secure carbon stability and permanence, and earn more from premium credits – all while maintaining your existing management practices.


SecondCrop carbon program removes the barriers to premium carbon credits

Through Loam Bio’s SecondCrop soil carbon program, farmers can unlock greater revenue and profit potential by storing more stable carbon. 

SecondCrop is open to all row crop farmers, whether you use conventional or regenerative practices and regardless of when practices were introduced. You own and control your carbon asset. We help you secure above-market pricing for your premium credits.

loam bio soybean harvest

CarbonBuilder makes it easy to capture carbon at scale

Using CarbonBuilder microbial technology, farmers can see statistically significant increases in soil organic carbon starting in year one – no other practice changes required. Our microbial product leverages naturally occurring endophytic fungi to boost the plant’s ability to draw down carbon. 

By increasing total organic carbon (TOC), farmers can see improved soil structure, nutrient retention, water infiltration and capacity. Used alone or paired with regenerative practices, CarbonBuilder helps you enhance soil health and improve in-season plant productivity.

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