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Restoring the foundation of healthy soil

Carbon is essential to life, enabling biological systems to function. A key element in soil organic matter, soil organic carbon supports critical functions like nutrient retention and cycling, soil structure, moisture retention and infiltration. Without it, soil is simply dirt.

Rooted in nature

We leverage the natural ability of microbial fungi to capture soil carbon at scale

Fungi with superpowers

We identify and reproduce the endophytic fungi that capture the most carbon and successfully populate at the roots.
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Crop specific

Each CarbonBuilder product has specific microbial formulations unique to each crop.
Field of corn

Easy to use

Applied as a seed treatment at planting, our microbial technology requires minimal practice change to deliver profound results.
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A proven solution

Loam screened thousands of microbial fungi from a wide range of natural and managed landscapes around the globe. Using our proprietary bioinformatics platform, we analyzed terabytes of genetic data to identify the specific dark septate endophytes (DSE fungi) that capture the most carbon and successfully populate at the roots. 

Our microbes undergo extensive testing – in the lab, greenhouse, on field plots and tens of thousands of acres across two continents – to define the right microbial formulations, by crop, that enable plants to capture significantly more carbon in the soil. And we have the research to prove it.


Capturing more soil carbon only makes a difference if it stays there

Collaborative research between Loam and Western Sydney University in Australia showed that using CarbonBuilder can lead to carbon capture in the most stable pool of carbon.

People's hands holding a corn plant root system that is covered in dirt in a corn field

Agriculture’s climate opportunity

Scientists estimate that agricultural soils could sequester over a billion additional tons of carbon from the atmosphere each year. 

By pairing our CarbonBuilder technology with our groundbreaking carbon program, Loam positions farmers to capture stable carbon at scale, reduce on-farm greenhouse gas emissions, and be rewarded for their impact.

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