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Using agricultural soils to remove carbon from the atmosphere, with permanence

Loam is using the power of soil microbiology to address the climate crisis. We are empowering farmers of all scales and systems, giving them the tools they need to capture stable carbon at scale in their soil. 

The result? Farmers can reduce on-farm greenhouse gas emissions. They can restore soil carbon at scale and benefit from improved soil health, greater crop productivity, and a more resilient future.


Large-scale, measurable impact

Backed by science

We conduct thousands of replicated trials each year to identify microbes that have the greatest potential for carbon capture.
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Long-term storage

Our microbial technology stores soil carbon for millennia in the form of particulate and mineral associated carbon.
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Increased resilience

Increasing stable soil carbon increases the productivity and resilience of agricultural soils, to ensure a viable agricultural system, long-term.
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Climate impact

By leveraging the natural ability of agricultural soils to remove atmospheric carbon, we can position agriculture to be a positive climate solution.
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We help farmers unlock the profit potential of their climate impact

Loam’s groundbreaking SecondCrop carbon program helps farmers earn extra revenue from the stable soil carbon they build using our CarbonBuilder technology. 

Designed by farmers, for farmers, SecondCrop removes the barriers to participation of other programs. We reduce the risks associated with new management practices, and make it easy for farmers to build soil health and profitability.

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