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Safe storage

To ensure efficacy and optimal product performance, follow these storage guidelines: 

  • CarbonBuilder should be refrigerated between 38-40℉ until you add it to the seed. 
  • If refrigeration is not available, the product can be stored up to 3 weeks below 77℉ and out of direct sunlight.
  • Do not freeze CarbonBuilder or expose the product to any temperature above 77℉.
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Applying CarbonBuilder to your seed

When to apply CarbonBuilder

  • Apply CarbonBuilder to seed within 48 hours of planting.
  • Do not leave treated seed uncovered and do not expose direct sunlight or heat while waiting to plant.
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How to apply CarbonBuilder

  • Apply CarbonBuilder as seed is being augered up into the planter. It can also be stirred into the planter boxes until it is evenly distributed across the seeds.
  • Make sure to wear full personal protective equipment (PPE) during the application process.
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Rate of CarbonBuilder

  • Apply CarbonBuilder at a rate of 3 oz/acre. 
  • If your equipment requires more than 3 oz of flowability agent, use additional CarbonBuilder rather than dilute the product with a secondary flowability agent. 
  • Mixing CarbonBuilder with other flow agents may reduce its performance.
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Management practices

CarbonBuilder can be used with both conventional and regenerative management practices, allowing you to choose the practices that make the most agronomic sense for your operation, field by field. 

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CarbonBuilder is safe for the environment, crops and farmers

We adhere to the most current ethical and regulatory standards, both international and national. 

  • Our products go through stringent registration and science-based risk assessment to make sure they meet the highest safety criteria for humans and the environment.  
  • We focus only on beneficial organisms that deliver positive impacts on soils and farming systems. 
  • Our products are extensively screened and tested in the lab, controlled environments and in the field to ensure there are no negative impacts.
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Our Technology

Learn about our innovative microbial technology, and how we’re using fungi to boost soil carbon and your crop.


Product Research

CarbonBuilder is a proven solution and we have the research to prove it.

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