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Grain Growers Carbon Calculators Webinar

The aim of this project was to provide an overview on the following topics: 

• Identification of 5 carbon calculators
• Coordination of collation of farm data from two farms: North NSW and South WA
• Preparation of data for entry
• Entering uniform data into calculators
• Testing sensitivity to parameters
• Comparing results

Grain Growers

Grain Growers

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Posted on 14 Sep 2023

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A 2020 report on Carbon Calculators was undertaken by GrainGrowers that compared the data from two Australian grain producers. The report identifies the differences between carbon calculators available to growers and this webinar will cover some of the findings.


  • Ben White, Kondinin – Research approach & findings
  • John Sanderson, Grass Patch WA – Farmer’s view
  • Dr Maartje Sevenster, CSIRO – FarmPrint tool


Published: 16 Oct 2020

Author(s): Grain Growers

Hosted by Fiona McCredie, National Policy Manager

Grain Growers Carbon Calculators Webinar

Watch the webinar recording