At Loam, you’ll be doing more than just a job. This is our life’s work.

Loam is a growing start-up, with four labs in Australia and North America, and field sites right across the crop lands of each continent.

Working at Loam, you’ll be at the centre of cutting-edge research and development, from the lab, to our greenhouses, and out on the farm.

Every day at Loam is different. On Monday, we might be at our desks poring over the latest scientific papers, writing reports, or working on our game plan. By Wednesday, we could be in the lab conducting experiments, or tending to plants in our greenhouses. On Friday, we might be in a field of shoulder-high canola inspecting our trials. We give everyone the opportunity to get their boots on the ground and learn beyond their area of expertise.

While our work is fast-paced and dynamic, we also know how to have fun and support our colleagues. Loam is a family-friendly organisation, with a welcoming crew — we’re all big fans of birthday cakes and barbecues.

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